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125 college buses capture in Vijayawada

by Maurice A. Miller

The AP Transport Department has performed a surprising inspection on the school buses across the country on Saturday.
In a special pressure, the officers have booked cases on a hundred twenty-five faculty buses that do not have the allow or the fitness certificate and seized them. These raids have been carried out below the supervision of DTC (Deputy Transport Commissioner) Meera Prasad at NTR circle in Vijayawada.

Speaking to the media, Meera Prasad stated that those sudden inspections had been done at the orders of the Transport Minister and Commissioner. He said they had seized the buses, which have now not fit. Meera Prasad said they might also be checking personal motors and automobiles which carry college students. Harrod (2000) described the school library as an organized series of books located in a school for instructors and pupils, but commonly for students. It may additionally contain books of reference and or books for domestic analysis and within the care of a professional librarian or instructor-librarian. It is variously called “Instructional Materials Centre,” “Learning Centre or Media center.”


The school library has a vital role to play inside the facts provider. The School library serves as a carrier employer who helps the schools’ goals and affords substances for all topics and all hobbies of pupils and instructors. The college library is a supportive resource of the school curriculum; its provisions, services, and development aid college programs (Kinnel, 1994). Libraries typically have as their fundamental cause acquiring, processing, storing, and disseminating statistics to which college library isn’t an exception. They offer materials applicable to the curricular needs of absolutely everyone in the school community. The significance of presenting such assets cannot be overemphasized if the school library is an instigator and guide for resource-based getting to know inside the school.

Also, in terms of data competencies, the library and its librarian make to be had materials and services in distinct types to permit both scholars and the faculty network to apply those competencies in locating the statistics they want. The reason and philosophy of the college library carrier are unexpectedly being understood and standard through college directors and teachers. The truth necessitates that the faculty librarian is very well acquainted with the purposes of the ones, including guidance, the studying program, and the enrichment program for students and teachers. However, Albert Academy library has no skilled and qualified librarian who is familiar with and performs one’s functions to ensure that the provider provision is fully attained.

Albert Academy School Library

The Albert Academy was inaugurated on the 4th of October 1904. It turned into till 1975 when the Albert Academy Alumni Association of their meeting concept it wise that the sort of authentic organization need to now not go without a library because the improvement of college libraries was at its maximum peak. A concept to erect a library construction become born with the collaboration of the alumni affiliation and the proprietors of the faculty. This is the United Methodist Church. The library was mounted to have an area wherein students may want to pass and discover new ideas to support their faculty curriculum activities and leisure as well.

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