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Applying to university: how to make an open day worthwhile

by Maurice A. Miller

Open days aren’t simply a great opportunity for college students; they also deliver a circle of relatives contributors an insight into university existence. But mother and father shouldn’t attempt to “relive their teenagers”, says James Busson, co-director of scholar recruitment at the University of Sheffield. Instead, they may be there to play an assisting function, to help students study at a university.
So how can you all get the maximum out of the day?
First off, it’s a very good concept to plan in advance and to perform a little research. “My mother and father and I averted quite a few strain through writing an itinerary,” says Rebecca Hansom, 20, a pupil at Sheffield Hallam University who has also worked as a pupil ambassador.

University courses, which include the Guardian University Guide, can help slender down your alternatives, but when you’ve decided in which you want to go to, a few unique research will stand you in proper stead on the day. Hansom says this can include: learning delivery and parking; times and locations of talks, excursions, and stalls you need to attend; downloading a map of the campus and placing together a list of questions. “It’s surprising what number of families come to open days without a plan and, as an end result, don’t get the maximum out of it,” she provides.
Expect an introductory lecture and path-unique talks, in addition to the option to go on tours of the coaching facilities, student union or lodging – however don’t feel like you’re a “slave to an agenda”, says Richard Harvey, the instructional in fee of admissions at the University of East Anglia (UEA). “It’s crucial to chill out, wander around and get a sense for the vicinity.” When you’re on foot around, talk to college students. They’re “perhaps much less guarded” approximately what they say approximately the university and neighborhood area, says Karen Packham, a representative, and figure who’s been to many open days with her two daughters.
“Engage with scholar ambassadors on forums and ask questions,” says Busson, “even supposing it’s just to find out in which you get the fine fish and chips.”
Amy Morton, 23, a current graduate at the University of Dundee who worked as an envoy at some of the open days, factors out that many college societies have social media accounts on which they will solution questions.
When it involves questions about the day, parents have a critical function. “It’s about supporting [your son or daughter] to peer the massive image and reflect consideration on the realities,” Packham says, suggesting mother and father can inspire younger humans to consider practical things like monetary charges. But it’s no longer all severe. “One of the side benefits [of going to open days] turned into getting to spend one-on-one time with my daughters,” Packham provides.
Busson has a word of warning, however: “Parents are there to support [students] and now not to be the leader.” And Morton says she’s noticed “parents who appearance bored all day”, which isn’t beneficial.
Above all, an open day ought to be exciting for all. “It’s no longer a competitive occasion,” says Harvey. “Don’t position yourself under stress to discover the whole lot. It should be an amusing day out.”

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