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Architecture Building of Inner Mongolia University of Technology / Inner Mongolia Grand Architectural Design Co

by Maurice A. Miller

The former casting workshop had stood within the campus for extra than forty years. The ancient purple brick walls, the mottled rust machine, the crane beams protected in inexperience, and the chimney among them…. All of these are evoking private reminiscences. When we walk through this today, we would be extremely joyful to appreciate an area image that we’ve in no way skilled. It’s apparent that if human beings plan to ensure an extended lifestyle of the building, this unique space should be replaced by a particular function. Thus, the reconstruction work becomes a causal contemplating area and function and its growing technique of the interactive model.


The first issue that architects have to do is recollect the proper positioning of the workshop’s new existence with the college, whether or not it should be derived from the passive behavior of the constrained reconstruction or the energetic deliberating the ‘inexperienced’ idea. Besides, architects ought to tailor the right, and unique functions for every space wherein humans will have distinctive studies. In different phrases, the design method of the reconstruction not simplest creates an area for a certain feature; however, greater regularly identifies present spatial functions and replaces new functions in guiding or inducing. Therefore, the start line of the general reconstruction comes from a flat approach: identification.

In the very beginning, many reconstruction cases got here to our minds, such as the 798 districts in Beijing, No.8 Bridge in Shanghai, SOHO District of New York, and the Tate Museum in London. They all have incredible new features that made mediocre areas into splendid ones, which have become our direct examples of the preliminary layout. Given this, the initial place of the workshop is a campus cultural interest center. The attention of the route changed based totally on the lack of area for the humanistic feature.

However, we soon determined that the function of a cultural activity center couldn’t fit the transparency and openness of the workshop nicely due to the fact the song, sports activities, arts, and different components need locations where one-of-a-kind users do now not intervene with every other. The excessive separation will violate the authentic intention of ‘inexperienced’ to use the gap, so the design paintings went lower back to the place to begin – seeking a greater appropriate vacation spot for the workshop. At that point, the school structure became underneath the assessment of national training, and the expert coaching centers had been pressing to be progressed. The open area and the obviously exposed structural details of the casting workshop will be adapted to the traits of architectural education, which emphasizes conversation, revel in, and exercise. We at once realized that it is a natural Architecture Building. Individual spaces in the course of the workshop also have higher compatibility: the upper area close to the skylight is a natural art classroom with proper light; the quiet, decrease nook with good enough daylight could be an analyzing room; the unbiased workshop in the south has a great scale for a lecture corridor with an exquisite fine of sight and sound. The following paintings became less difficult: reading and experiencing each current area and “checking in” the capabilities of teaching, exhibition, opinions, and experiments in an architecture faculty construction.

Undoubtedly, the open workshop with a top more than ten meters courses the layout to arrange the capabilities in an extra open approach. Before “checking in,” the paintings of including layers to acquire more region should be finished. The layering scheme must be finished based on structural reinforcement and under this principle: never block the sight and actively create an open view without a vertical or horizontal obstacle. The transparency of the imaginative and prescient will unavoidably create a glide of mild and air. Their trinity flow further strengthens the first-class of the communication area and, in part, realizes the authentic aim of ‘inexperienced.’ In the vertical path, we combine the exhibition space with the stairs to put off the feeling of the ground. The unit-fashioned exhibition platform is gradually raised along the stairs, organically connecting the height of every degree and diluting the experience of ‘layer.’

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