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‘Counting On’: Does Jill Duggar Have a College Education?

by Maurice A. Miller

The Duggar own family isn’t actually regarded for taking their training all that critically. The circle of relatives focuses numerous their time and efforts on religious coaching and determined to homeschool all in their youngsters. In fact, fans were involved approximately the academic backgrounds of the Duggar family for years. Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar’s husband, took to social media to name out fanatics who puzzled Jill’s education lately. During his collection of clap-backs, he claimed the mom of has a training past her GED however does she absolutely?

All 19 of the Duggar kids have been or are presently being homeschooled. The reasoning is straightforward; traditional college doesn’t focus sufficiently on character improvement in the Duggar own family’s opinion. The Duggars, instead of packing their kids onto the bus, made the selection to train them across the eating room desk the use of an ultra-conservative Christian curriculum.

According to Romper, the Duggars use a curriculum referred to as A.C.E. It stands for Accelerated Christian Education. The entire curriculum is developed and provided through the lens of Christianity, which without a doubt appeals to a family like the Duggars. The kids then take exams to attain a GED. With a GED, the Duggar youngsters may want to theoretically go directly to a traditional college setting, despite the fact that none have selected to try this.
Derick claims Jill Duggar attended Boyce College
Boyce College is a private, Christian college positioned in Louisville, Kentucky. According to the school’s website, they offer Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science tiers in a chain of Bible-primarily based applications. Biblical and Theological research seems to be the most famous application, despite the fact that the school also offers a certificate in particular for the other halves of ministers.

According to Ok! Magazine, Derick called out a fan, claiming that Jill probably had extra university credit than the poster in the query. He did forestall quick at suggesting she has a degree of any kind, though. Fans are incredulous approximately the claim. Many trusts that if Jill had attended a program, especially a Christian university application, the Duggar family might be shouting it from the rooftops. That did now not happen.

Jill did, but, study to be a midwife beneath an apprenticeship program. Her license became revoked while the midwife she labored underneath had her license rescinded in Arkansas. According to In Touch, Vanessa Rose Giron had her midwifery license rescinded after a botched home start. Jill Duggar, irrespective of her licensing status, changed into reachable when Jessa Duggar’s 0.33 baby become born at domestic. Jessa changed into later rushed to the health center.
Will Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard be homeschooling their children?
Jill and Derick appear like they’ve selected to homeschool their youngsters, at least for now. Back in March, the circle of relatives shared data approximately the homeschool curriculum they are the use of for his or her eldest infant, Israel. While he’s simplest four, the own family is already on top of his schooling at domestic.

Jill changed into pressed approximately potentially sending the youngsters to public school, and she or he cited that she might be open to the idea if they have been to especially ask. It appears, though, that homeschooling is the way it’s going to be within the Duggar-Dillard family at the moment. Jill isn’t alone either; Anna Duggar has chosen to homeschool her 5 children. Anna is currently pregnant with her sixth infant.

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