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Freelance Law Tutor, Property

by Maurice A. Miller

We have opportunities for freelance Tutors to teach Property
A Freelance Tutor has the subsequent center areas of responsibility:
Teaching on various law faculty programs and subjects as required
Marking evaluation substances
Contributing to curriculum development work, which includes scholarship and innovation, planning and evaluation as required
Providing pastoral help and guidance of students on relevant programs and modules as required
Ensuring regulatory compliance with BPP systems and methods
Through this, you’ll work with and support the school in turning in excellence in coaching, substances and pastoral aid inside a compliant regulatory framework.
Job Background
BPP University Law School has a reputation for excellence in professional schooling built on the confirmed potential to provide students the skills they need to achieve a legal profession. Working with over 150 law corporations and with many chambers, BPP prides itself on being at the slicing fringe of expert legal training giving students core talents and an aggressive gain to make sure fulfillment.
Duties will encompass however aren’t limited to:
Teaching on a regulation faculty program
Keeping abreast of the latest developments in relevant areas of law and practice and be a topic depend professional
Keeping abreast of applicable pedagogic methodologies, along with assignment training and improvement as required
Attending practice place and module group conferences or liaising with different tutors as required to make sure uniform transport of modules with the intention to make certain a hit development of college students between and within programs and modules
Preparing for coaching and coaching in small and/or larger corporations as required
Striving to acquire the best degree of coaching comments from college students
Assisting with the easy strolling of exams as required
Mark formative and summative checks and giving comments according to BPP policies
Contributing to curriculum development work, together with innovation, making plans and assessment which includes those relating to precise modules and guides as required
Attending any relevant training on the subject of regulation and exercise, direction design and innovation as required
Providing appropriate instructional and pastoral support and steerage to college students throughout their academic studies, and make sure college students are directed to appropriate BPP operational services while vital
Actively encourage scholar engagement with their program to have a look at using the to be had resources
Ensure regulatory compliance with BPP structures and methods, including timely and accurate of the entirety of stories and information into all BPP structures and methods as required
Attend schooling, as required, to make certain updated know-how of BPP structures and processes
Other responsibilities within the remit of the role generally to be agreed sometimes.
Development Opportunities
The role of a freelance Lecturer will expand your competencies as an expert educator. Training might be offered overlaying areas including classroom techniques, marking checks, developing coaching and evaluation substances, college rules, BPP structures and strategies as required and agreed on occasion. Tutoring companies face strong competition from other companies and independent tutors. Independent tutors can often afford to charge much lower rates, which makes them more attractive to many potential customers – so how can companies position themselves to attract clients despite their higher rates? There are several benefits companies offer potential clients that independents don’t – and by emphasizing these benefits, tutoring companies can attract more clients.
The following five characteristics can set tutoring companies apart from independent tutors. The extra value clients receive from these characteristics justify the higher rates that companies charge – companies just need to make clients aware of these benefits in order to attract more clients.

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