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Helping Your Child: Top 5 Successful Tips for Doing Homework

by Maurice A. Miller

Do you manage to cross everything off your to-do list every day? If yes, well done. But I’m sure it wasn’t so effortless when you were a teen. If no, have a look at the habits you formed early in life. Did they help you learn efficiency and productivity? Doing homework helps children to learn to focus on multiple deadlines and encourages independence. The school years are vital; children learn the skills and form the essential habits for adult life. But encouraging homework can be like pulling teeth if they aren’t into it. Approach homework-time the right way and help your child, rather than just irritating them. Read on for our top 5 tips for turning homework havoc into blissful learning.

Doing Homework

1) Make It Their Space

Time to set up the home office! Ensure they have a quiet space, good lighting, and a laptop (yes, it’s 2021 – they need a laptop.) But don’t make it too boring; you don’t want them to run a mile.

Add some color by including art and craft materials; your child has natural creativity that you can encourage even in their homework. This helps create positive associations between their space and doing homework.

2) Set a Homework Routine

Routine is so important for forming habits. Would you please encourage your child to complete their homework at the same time each day? Try setting an incentive that will help them complete their homework without tantrums each day. TV, games, and snacks usually go down without complaint! Before you know it, the homework routine will be second nature.

3) Leave Them Alone

One of the main reasons for schoolwork is to encourage independence. That’s not going to happen if you’re hovering, correcting every mistake. Would you please resist the urge to interfere unless they specifically ask you for help?

This is your moment to have a catch-up with a friend or partner, finish off that to-do list, or have some indulgent self-care.

4) Remove Distractions

This is one of our best tips for doing homework. Make sure phones, toys, and TV are removed from the area. It may be worth looking at putting parental restrictions on internet usage during homework time.

But don’t take their phone. Instead, ask them to leave it somewhere of their choice. After each homework milestone, allocate them 10 minutes of uninterrupted phone time.

5) Praise and Support

Follow these practical tips for doing schoolwork, but don’t forget to praise and support them! Show interest in their work, ask them about it. Make sure to emphasize the way that they worked rather than the grade they were given.

As your child progresses through the grades, their needs will change. So, make sure to seek help where needed. Check out online services available to learn how to best help homework writers at all levels.

The Bottom Line on Doing Homework

Now you know how best to help your child do homework, it’s time to put it into practice. There might be teething issues and tears but stick with it. How are you supporting your child with homework? Ensure to let us know in the comments and check out our other posts for all education topics! Your child will be equipped with the best habits for success in adult life in the long run.

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