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Hyderabad: Muslim frame finances Christian girl on Chilkur priest advice

by Maurice A. Miller

Hyderabad: In an age of growing intolerance and caste and faith hostilities, a Christian woman became supplied financial useful resources for training through a Muslim company at the request of a Hindu priest.

frame finances
The Helping Hand Foundation facilitated the aid via its USA-based totally accomplice employer, Support for Educational & Economic Development (SEED). A second-year BCom (Computers) pupil at St. Francis College, Ms. G. Blessy couldn’t afford to pay her second-year training charge. She is the daughter of Mr. G. Lucas, a social employee and resident of Shahpur, Jeedimetla. He changed into in no position to undergo his daughter’s university expenditure, which quantities to Rs ninety-five,000 annually. Mr. Lucas said he heard about the humanitarian and philanthropic sports undertaken by the Chilkur head priest C.S. Rangarajan’s final month, so he approached the temple for assist. He informed the priest he turned into a Christian through faith. The priest invited him inner. That is whilst he explained his daughter’s situation to the priest, he stated.
Mr. Mujtaba Hasan Askari of the Helping Hand Foundation said Mr. Rangarajan, with who he happens to be close buddies, is known to convey Mr. Lucas’s plight. Mr. Askari forwarded the request to Mr. Mazhar Hussaini of the US-based NGO SEED. Mr. Hussaini became within the town at the time. He agreed to grant the fee amount to Ms. Blessy and issued a cheque for Mr. Lucas on Thursday.

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