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John Carpenter and Anthony Burch Are Co-Writing a New Joker Comic

by Maurice A. Miller

The Joker? Oh, you suggest the Joker? No, no, the Joker. Lately, there are numerous Jokers. The most modern one is being written using John Carpenter.

John Carpenter

Carpenter and co-author Anthony Burch (Borderlands 2) can be teaming up with artists Philip Tan and Marc Deering to carry The Joker: Year of the Villain #1, a confusingly titled one-shot book approximately the Joker’s antics in a global in which absolutely everyone’s turning into a baddie. As per the click launch, it’ll be approximately The Joker, in response to an alien/hybrid Lex Luthor promoting the sector at the glories of evil, “on a undertaking to get his swagger lower back in a world long past terrible by out-bidding all people else, proving that the greatest evil is continually the one that leaves them guffawing.” Sounds sincere. While I’m very careworn approximately what’s occurring at DC these days, the promise of John Carpenter writing the Joker is a promising one. The e-book, on the way to be forty pages, and the price $4.Ninety-nine is set to be released on Wednesday, October 9th.

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