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Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Steel Structures

by Maurice A. Miller

The University of Cyprus was formally founded in 1989 and began running in Nicosia, Cyprus, in 1992. Within a brief time, the University of Cyprus controlled to gain global popularity thru an impressive course of improvement. Today, it’s far ranked 64th young university (underneath 50 years) and #351-400 worldwide by the Times New Higher Education Rankings.

Steel Structures

One of the strategic aims of the University of Cyprus is similar advertising and improvement of studies. These excellent differences are the result of our dedication to excellence and continuous improvement. The University of Cyprus is controlled to stand out and get hold of awards for the new paths it has spread out in especially annoying and dynamic contexts of studies. To this quit, the University continuously develops its packages of examination. It recruits a high-quality workforce who will contribute substantially to the design of the latest curricula, both at the undergraduate and graduate stages. A new team of workers is predicted to play a critical function.


The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) is one of the 4 departments of the Engineering School that become based in 2002. Since its creation, the Department has multiplied hastily, and is further expanding, hiring the latest college and more and more admitted undergraduate and graduate college students. Through this development section, the laboratory and statistics era infrastructure necessary to support our venture of offering excessive satisfactory instructional and research applications turned into created. In the final international evaluation by way of Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the University of Cyprus ranked in the first 200 universities in Europe among greater than 6000 European universities. The Department premises could be hosted in the modern-day building complicated of the Engineering School, which will become the largest building complex for schooling and research in the country’s history upon completion. Further records regarding the CEE Department can be determined at:

The University of Cyprus invites applications for one (1) tenure–song instructional role at the rank of Lecturer or Assistant Professor inside the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, within the area of «Steel Structures.» Experience in big-scale experiments and/or composite structures could be considered as a bonus.
For all instructional ranks, an earned Doctorate from an identified University is needed. Requirements for appointment rely on academic rank and encompass: earlier academic revel in a research report and clinical contributions, involvement in teaching, and the improvement of excessive satisfactory undergraduate and graduate curricula. The minimum requirements for each educational rank can be found on the webpage:

The official languages of the University are Greek and Turkish. For the above positions, information on Greek is vital. Citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus isn’t always a demand. If the chosen candidate no longer has enough expertise in the Greek language, it’s far the candidate΄s and the Department΄s responsibility to make certain that the candidate acquires enough knowledge of the Greek language within 3 years of appointment. Each Department sets its own standards for the required degree of adequacy of information of the Greek language.
The annual gross profits (which include the 13th earnings) for full-time employment, in line with the contemporary rules, is:

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