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Oman’s Majan University College Academic presents at second International Conference on Language, Education and Culture in Turkey

by Maurice A. Miller

Majid Shatery, Director of Studies at the Foundation Programme at Majan University College, recently provided a paper on the Second International Conference on Language, Education, and Culture at Medipol University in Istanbul, Turkey. Majid’s paper centered on the impact of peer-assisted gaining knowledge of (PAL) on Foundation college students’ getting to know skills improvement. His presentation defined PAL as a tool that objectives to facilitate complementary learning rather than replace teaching. His studies supplied a detailed effect of PAL as a collaborative method that develops college students’ personal abilities at the Foundation Programme. He additionally shared some comments of the students’ enjoyment with PAL for the beyond six semesters. He supplied a few guidelines to put into effect this version of learning to assist college students.


Many dads and moms, and instructors are involved in cutbacks in funding for overseas language packages at the standard college level. Is there something a determine can do to support early adolescent language training in their groups? Yes! I recently attended a presentation using Janis Jensen, the NJ Coordinator of World Languages, and the National Network for Early Language Learning. During her talk, she made those tips for dad and mom and teachers who are being confronted with potential cutbacks in their faculty’s overseas language packages.

1. Be a proposal. Many of the teachers at the presentation agreed that active and vocal mothers and fathers can play a completely influential role (now and again greater than teachers) in convincing school forums to aid funding for early language mastering. Consider organizing involved mother and father and providing a compelling case to the college board to keep the ok investment for early language gaining knowledge. Sending articles to the local newspaper approximately the benefits of early language gaining knowledge of can also helps generate support for investment language programs.

2. Stay informed. To make a case to administrators, you have to, in reality, nation the benefits of early foreign language schooling. Research has shown cognitive, academic, and social advantages to early language studying. Furthermore, the nation benefits from developing children who have a piece of worldwide information and can communicate with humans from other international locations and cultures. You can study greater by traveling the website of the National Network for Early Language Learning (www.NNELL.Org). If you’re worried that language packages in your school are being cut or are substandard, find out if your school is assembly kingdom requirements. You can find out more approximately your nation’s global languages standards by using going to the Department of Education website in your country.

3. Consider alternatives. You may additionally need your faculty to provide a great Spanish application, but understand that the specific language offered is much less critical than the opportunity for the kid to research ANY foreign language.
Note that the Bush management lately introduced a National Security Language Initiative to increase Americans who can talk what they deem to be “essential” languages (e.G. Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic). Recognizing the want to start coaching these languages within the Pre-K and elementary level, the government presents investment for colleges to provide packages in those vital languages. If funding constraints preserve your faculty from offering high-quality software, propose they develop an application in any such vital languages, making use of the federal authorities’ new grants. One such grant is thru the Department of Education’s Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) and gives incentives for coaching critical want languages in K-12. $24M has been earmarked for these presents. For extra statistics at the FLAP grants, go to the subsequent internet site for funding updates.

With active advocacy on informed parents, there are many opportunities to help strengthen early language gaining knowledge of programs. Anneke Forzani is President and Founder of Language Lizard, LLC. Language Lizard offers bilingual children’s books in over forty languages, multicultural lesson plans, and a complimentary e-e-newsletter to help mothers and fathers and teachers disclose kids to other languages and cultures.

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