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Poor Exam Process Breeds Mediocrity

by Maurice A. Miller

Recently, a video approximately the durability of the IIT-JEE went viral on social media. Many Indians celebrated, while a few Australian professors said a number of the questions were so tough that even their post-graduate students would find it tough to remedy. The professors talked about how the doorway exam pattern changed into encouraging the analyze-by using-rote approach. Dr. Shane Huttington stated that the entrance exam sample is a tremendously horrific academic tool.


Science is set experimentation and creative wondering. The Indian examination sample changed into testing changed into the candidate’s capacity to memorize and practice quick cuts, he stated. Professor Barry Huges pointed out how unequal sources reachable to a candidate—which includes training lessons—ought to skew the choice manner. We can always brush aside the opinion of some Australian professors as a person who doesn’t recognize the Indian state of affairs. However, isn’t it the time to introspect how we’re churning out run-of-the-mill engineers and graduates over the years? In the event of the primary convocation cope with IIT Kharagpur in 1956, then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru declared it a high-quality India monument. For Nehru, IITs represented India’s future. He declared that they were symbolic of the modifications that have been coming to India.

The query we need to invite sixty-three years on is whether those IITs or different premium engineering establishments have lived up to the expectancies. Now, there are 23 IITs—one in almost every country. Besides, we have the National Institute of Technology in maximum states. We have about 4, three hundred engineering colleges, mass-generating 15 lakh graduate engineers in line with 12 months. India additionally produces about 35 lakh maths and technological know-how graduates per year. How has this mass production contributed to kingdom-constructing?

For the center’s magnificence, IIT is a haloed group. It is a prestige issue for dad and mom to make sure their wards get into the IITs. They are inclined to go to any extent to relaxed a seat. Last year, about eleven.99 lakh college students competed for eleven 289 seats. That is an achievement ratio of zero. Ninety-four percentage, through a two-take a look at manner—JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Though the JEE Advanced sample adjustments every yr, it’s been objective-type questions for the past few years at each stage.

There could be no worse way than checking out the engineering aptitude than the goal-type question. It neither measures crucial wondering nor innovative wondering, a prerequisite for a great engineer or a scientist. What it measures is the pure speed in trouble-fixing talent. Most state-degree engineering front checks additionally observe the equal pattern. One can crack any objective type examination if one has practiced enough. But the quantity of effort and time required to attain this talent degree is insane. Many parents pressure their wards to fix pattern papers, with a timer in tow, from Class VI or VII onward. The competition is so much that the negative youngster sacrifices their adolescence and lives like zombies solving questions.

Coaching centers that have mushroomed all around u . S. Follow the identical method. They make students paintings for extra than 17-18 hours, doing nothing but solving sample query papers. Some terrible students can’t stand the strain and emerge in despair or, worse, commit suicide. By the time a scholar writes the doorway examination, they need not be aware of any basic physics, chemistry, or maths concepts. The student has to develop the simplest sleight of hand and the electricity to bear in mind the answer that becomes practiced 1,000,000 instances.

To add to the woes, there may be poor marking too. Science and technology are all about failure, taking enough time to suppose, test, fail, remodel, fail once more until one achieves a step forward. Thomas Edison famously remarked that he failed 999 instances earlier than succeeding in inventing the incandescent mild. The same is the case with entrepreneurship or with something worthwhile in existence. Can we assume a sportsman is being punished for every mistake he makes? Is a creator or an artist or musician punished for their errors? Has any incredible scientist got anything right the first time? We are coaching our children now not to take risks.

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