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Protest towards SFI after pupil stabbed in T’puram’s University College

by Maurice A. Miller

In another scuffle involving the SFI within the University College in Thiruvananthapuram, a final 12 months Bachelor of Arts (BA) pupil was stabbed on Friday. Akhil, a political, technological know-how student, who suffered injuries to his chest, changed into taken to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College for treatment after.

University College

The incident has brought about a big outcry towards the Student’s Federation of India (SFI) — the student’s wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), whose contributors are alleged to have stabbed Akhil. Following the incident, indignant college students at the University College on Friday slammed the functioning of the SFI unit at the university, forcing the union’s countrywide president to disband the university unit. Akhil was a committee member of SFI. He and his pals have been making a song below a tree, and all of a sudden, a few SFI unit individuals got here to him and informed him now not to sing. There became an issue after that. In a clash that accompanied, Akhil was stabbed using individuals of the SFI.

Seven SFI unit contributors and 23 others who might be ‘identified on web page’ have been booked following the incident. The accused consist of SFI university unit president Sivaranjith, unit secretary Nazeem, Amar, Advaith, Admin, Aromal, and Ibrahim. Both Nazeem and Amar have also been booked in a case of assaulting site visitors police officers in Palayam in December 2018. The case changed into registered based totally on the statements of Akhil’s buddy and batchmate Uber. The 7 accused have been booked beneath IPC phase 307 (try to homicide). All the accused are presently absconding. The protesting students have alleged that soon after the stabbing, the accused have been a gift on campus, and though there was a police presence on campus as nicely, the accused were not detained.

“We are all supporters of the SFI. However, today, the thirteen unit members within the university are performing like fascists. No possible freely move across the college, and if we sit around a tree or sing songs, we’re abused, overwhelmed, and chased away,” one of the protesting students said. “There is general disarray, and we are pressured to speak against SFI, to whom all of us belong,” he brought. Speaking to media, a student stated, “To turn out to be a part of the pupil’s union, you can not have supplementary papers. But our university chairman by no means even is going to magnificence. I don’t know what sort of rules those are. Here if they have the power, they will do something. They will hit human beings and abuse ladies and do anything. It is absolutely fascist.”

Reacting to the scenario, SFI President VP Sanu advised the media that it’s been decided to brush aside the SFI unit of the University College. “The different information of what passed off is being ascertained, and we can take action if any member of the SFI is worried,” Sanu stated. Following the incident, the university’s irritated college students protested by blocking off the main street, forcing the police to behave. “Akhil changed into sitting underneath a tree and singing a track. Soon the unit members got here and began to beat him badly. The unit contributors understand that something they do, they’ll get the necessary assistance from the CP(M). What happened to the probe when a lady attempted to commit suicide?” every other protesting student requested.

Akhil’s father Chandran informed the media that his son was threatened with the aid of SFI leaders within the beyond. Following a conciliation assembly that also involved the CPI(M) district secretary, he had been assured that there might be no extra hassle. Meanwhile, University College Principal K Viswambharan tried to play down the incident, pronouncing he becomes busy with new admissions and discovering what happened. He additionally requested the media to clear out from the college campus and threatened to name the police.

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