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Sujoy Ghosh on demanding situations of writing for Typewriter: I had a hard time in the beginning

by Maurice A. Miller

National award-winning filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh, after making his mark with Kahaani and Badla, is getting into the world of internet series along with his upcoming show, Typewriter. The system of writing testimonies for a protracted-format medium as an internet series, he concedes, is quite tough, and Typewriter becomes a mastering manner.


“It is certainly hard,” Sujoy instructed IANS. “I actually needed to unlearn so much from my habit of writing the script of a film, which has a duration of just three hours. I even have additionally written a brief movie, and this (web collection) is the sort of long format of storytelling. I had a tough time inside the beginning. The proper thing is now that I am accomplished with my first web collection, I can write and direct every other one with the benefit I do a film. Creatively, I understand the direction,” he added. A self-taught writer, Sujoy said he could have cherished to take all the liberty that an internet series typically gives — of being experimental, exploitative, and lavish as an innovative creator — however, he prevented the temptation due to the fact he did no longer need to be a selfish’ one. “That is why it becomes crucial for me to discover the right balance, and I have to say that the Netflix team helped me to live at it. I learned the method in writing,” stated Sujoy, who, besides his acclaimed feature films, has also won applauds for the quick movies Ahalya and Anukul.

Sujoy does not preserve any precise actor in thoughts whilst writing a script, and he has his motives for casting Purab Kohli, Paulami Ghosh, Jisshu Sengupta, and a set of kids in the show. I live inside the characters as I write them, so I recognize their physical appearance, their essence, which I look for inside the actors I cast. If Jisshu does no longer look like (his person) Amit, then as a director, it’s miles my failure, due to the fact I should deliver out the character thru the actor’s persona,” he explained. “Purab is very talented, and so is Paloma Ghosh. Her persona has a relatable issue, which labored for the tale,” stated Sujoy. However, the director carried out several rounds of auditions and workshops to choose the child actors for the display. ““This is the primary time I labored with kids, so for me, it was a new revel in. I by no means labored with a toddler artiste earlier than other than Aarna Sharma.” “In truth, I desired to solid Aarna in Kahaani 2, but that did now not show up. For the alternative kids on the show, I held workshops to determine the right organization of kids who might be interactive,” shared the filmmaker who has worked with iconic actors such as Amitabh Bachchan, Soumitra Chatterjee, Saurabh Shukla, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Vidya Balan.

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