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5 Dental Careers You Likely Haven’t Considered

by Maurice A. Miller

With 85% of Americans believing oral care is extremely important — and they’re right — dentists play a vital role in today’s society. Not only do they keep the mouth clean, but they can also prevent other diseases from happening as a result of poor oral health.

A dentist’s office has to run smoothly for all of this to happen, and that’s not just down to the dentist. Other jobs are necessary to keep everything ticking over. If you’ve always wanted to work in a dentist’s office, but a general dentist hasn’t seemed quite right, consider these dental careers! One may be the perfect fit.

Haven't Considered

1. Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is responsible for keeping the mouth clean. While dentists perform procedures, the hygienist can do routine cleanings, freeing up their time for more intense repairs.

Hygienists can also advise oral health and help people get the knowledge necessary to keep their oral health up to standard. Hygienists can change people’s lives with just a few conversations! Not everyone is knowledgeable about the best ways to brush and floss.

2. Dental Receptionist

If you’re more people-oriented but don’t actually fancy getting in and around the mouths of others, consider becoming a receptionist in a dentist’s office. You’ll take appointments, greet people at the door, and keep track of what’s going on.

You may also have to soothe the anxiety of upset children or even anxious adults, so this suits anyone who’s compassionate!

3. Lab Technician

Maybe you’re the opposite. Maybe you aren’t people-oriented at all.

Lab technicians work entirely behind the scenes. They create crowns and other things that dentists will use in their procedures, and those procedures couldn’t happen without them.

Although they’re one of the lesser-known jobs in the dentistry field, they’re one of the most necessary.

4. Dental Assistant

When it comes to dentistry professions, an assistant is also necessary. Assistants help the dentist out in many ways, including preparing equipment and having it ready for them when they need it to go smoothly.

A dental assistant gets to see everything up close but isn’t the primary one responsible for what’s happening.

5. A Specialist

If you don’t want to be a general dentist, consider becoming a specialist! They receive additional training and are one of the more difficult but rewarding dentist occupations.

They include:

  • Endodontists, root canal specialists
  • Orthodontists, for teeth alignment
  • Oral surgeons
  • Periodontists, gum specialists
  • Pediatric dentists for children

They’re all very different and rewarding in their own ways, though they require a lot of work.

These Dental Careers Are All Great — Choose the Right One for You

These dental careers are all necessary to keep things running in the dentist’s office. Choosing which one you want to pursue is about considering your personality and interests to determine which you’d be most suited for and how much work you can put into the training and job. For more career and education tips, check out the rest of our site!

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