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Best Apps To Help You Get Through Life As An International Student

by Maurice A. Miller

Studying abroad is a major leap in a student’s life. In one single moment, you leave your home, and everything known, and start a brand new life, experience new adventures, and live an exciting life in a new country. Forward Pathway is your best friend when it comes to applying abroad, and once you have cracked an admission, these nifty apps will be your friends along the way to help you get through life.

International Student


During this pandemic, the most popular app, Zoom, is a handy video calling app. You can conduct secure and high-quality audio and video calls with multiple people. This will help you stay in touch with your family and beat the homesickness that you will feel during your initial days in a new place. Moreover, you will possibly require it for online classes as well.


A task management app such as nTask can help you navigate life more efficiently without worrying about things not being done. You can make a list of chores, tasks and list them out for yourself to do. This helps keep track of all the things you need to do to not miss out on anything important or waste your time redoing something you have already done. It also helps you keep track of your interviews and appointments.

Google Maps

You can use this map application to find your way around campus or town, or even while traveling anywhere. This is particularly helpful if you are not comfortable asking for directions or not being very fluent in the language spoken. Enter your destination, and you can find the possible routes. It also has an offline mode, which works without the internet. This is a lifesaver for students navigating a new country.


Handling your finances all by yourself can be a little stressful and messy, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Mint is a useful money management app, which you can use to help yourself spend your money better. It can be synced to your bank account, credit card account, brokerage account, and other financial accounts securely, and it helps track your expenses and creates an effective budget for you.


Studying abroad can be quite hectic as you have to manage everything yourself, balancing studies, social life, adult responsibilities, and often work. Headspace is an effective meditation app that helps you calm down, focus your mind, and relax. It is also handy for those who have sleep issues or are struggling with a messed-up sleep schedule owing to a confused body clock.

Sleep If U Can

If falling asleep is not your problem, but waking up is, Sleep If U Can is a brilliant alarm app for you. Now you can no longer hit the snooze and go off to sleep as this alarm does not stop until you complete certain designated tasks to switch it off. Thus, you will no longer miss your morning classes because of oversleeping. Your smartphone holds the solution to all your life’s problems! Download the right apps, and you will be surprised how easy your life can become.

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