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Famous guides for Muslim college students to examine abroad

by Maurice A. Miller

Do you have an interest in pursuing your tertiary studies in a place relating to Islam or cultures related to the faith?
This serves as a useful vicinity of having a look at in our more and more multicultural and globalized society, as aptly mentioned in a report by way of The Guardian 10 years in the past that also earrings authentic these days: “Without a doubt given the political turmoil worldwide and the ever-present fears of extremism and terrorism, promoting smart debate and understanding of Islam and the function of Muslims in the contemporary global is an increasing number of crucial.
“It’s a crucial twenty-first-century issue, and there’s a growing reputation that Islamic Studies has to turn out to be a topic of strategic significance in a multicultural society. The students of nowadays, if nicely taught, turn into the academics of the future with a vision for multiculturalism and peaceful co-existence.”

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Islam is one of the world’s largest religions with some 1.Eight billion followers. Many undergraduate and graduate programs refer to the subject available in universities throughout the globe, relying on your place of interest.
Here are 4 Islamic-associated courses that could attract Muslim students who are eager to analyze overseas: Typically, students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Islamic Studies will study a variety of modules in their 3-yr program. These may encompass Islamic regulation, records, political, technological know-how, theology, literature, and sociology, amongst others. For instance, the University of Leeds in the UK notes this about their BA Islamic Studies: “You’ll cover modules which cope with Muslim theology, Shari’a law, Islamism, Quranic Studies and contemporary intellectual traits.”

Interested inside the felony components of Islam? Shariah (or sharia) law is an Islamic law derived from the teachings of the Quran in addition to fatwas. BBC notes: “Shariah regulation acts as a code for a dwelling that every one Muslims must adhere to, which includes prayers, fasting, and donations to the bad. It objectives to help Muslims understand how they have to lead every element in their lives consistent with God’s needs.” An undergraduate degree in shariah law will provide college students with the capabilities and information in Islamic judiciary and advocacy.

If you’re keen to go into the financial sector, Islamic finance may be a terrific area to enter. Financial Times notes: “Islamic finance is a method of banking that abides with the aid of shariah regulation, which forbids charging interest and playing.”
According to reports, Islamic finance is gaining momentum around the sector, which calls for greater understanding. Despite the ever-growing numbers of students headed for study abroad, many skip the opportunity due to misunderstandings about study abroad programs. Make sure you have your facts right and don’t miss out. MYTH #1: Language majors can benefit from the study abroad programs. Irrespective of what you major in, students generally don’t find it difficult to fit a study abroad program to their academic requirements. Limiting one’s choice of destinations to countries like England, Australia and Ireland can eliminate the language barrier as a problem. Even countries where English may not be the native language have universities where teaching is done in English.

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