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Learning to Drive in NSW and Victoria

by Maurice A. Miller

Want to drive in NSW and Victoria? Unsure of the local driving laws? Do you need an overseas license? How can I prepare for to test and pass on the first go? We have the answers to put you behind the wheel and on the road in no time.


Getting your NSW Driver Licence

Being a safe driver means more than just passing a test. You want to be confident on the road and adapt to any vehicle or traffic conditions. All New South Wales drivers under 25 must complete 120 hours of supervised driving before testing. Don’t want your parents in the passenger seat? A professional driving instructor can provide road experience and tips on honing your skills.

Australia’s #1 choice for driving lessons, with good reason. With over 50 years of experience, 300,000 happy students, and over 100 highly trained instructors, Trent has developed a curriculum that ensures the learner’s drive to survive. Our students have a 28% higher first-time passing rate than other local driving schools. But, there are even more advantages of booking with us. Consider these advantages:


We offer many programs at convenient locations throughout New South Wales and Victoria. Our trained instructors provide experience in both manual and automatic. You’ll learn in a car that is less than four years old.


No time or money for a complete course? No time or money for a full system? You can book and schedule with us online. Take just one class or all of them, our costs are reasonable, and since coursework is sequential, you can pick up where you’ve left off when it suits you. Digital logbooks keep record cards current and reduce paperwork. Our helpful customer service representatives are available by phone, email, or live chat. We also provide pick-up and drop-off services that are respectful of your schedule.

Types of Driving Lesson Packages in NSW

Are you a new driver or seeking to convert an overseas license? Regarding driving in NSW, we offer various packages with one right for you.

Learning to Drive

As a learner driver, 120 hours seems unreachable, but it’s time to slide into the driver’s seat and hit the road. A supportive mentor will teach you to drive and explain applicable road laws. They will also address any questions or concerns you have. Whether you want to perfect parallel parking or lane changes on the highway, we’ll give you instructions and feedback to pass your test the first time.

Learning to Drive Manual

Automatic or manual? You already know that a manual transmission is easier on the brakes, usually costs less, and older manuals are more fuel-efficient than their automatic counterparts. But, you’ve only ever driven an automatic, but that five-speed fits your budget. What to do? With over 300 different makes and models available in Australia, a deal on a new manual isn’t impossible, and driving one isn’t either. Manuals are still the car of choice for racers, enthusiasts, and cost-conscious consumers.

Preparing for the Test

The Trent on the Road (TORT) assessment helps students become safe drivers, know examiner expectations, and pass on the first try. Our driving routes are more complex than the actual exam, and our customized test gives feedback, so you only spend time on the skills you need to strengthen. You should have completed 1 lesson working on your skills, such as reverse parking. We also provide transportation to and from the testing site and a short warm-up to remove those test-day jitters.

Safe Driving Course

This course is planned for the learner driver who wishes to understand better become a safer driver, lessen risks, and foresee dangerous conditions on the road.

We have course modules broken into two sections to assist you with obtaining a license. These are readily available on our website.

The course is for anyone wanting to improve their driving skills. Our in-class activities and car coaching sessions will ensure you drive safely long after your test. A safe driving record can also lower insurance rates.

Keys to Drive

Our free 60-minute program allows parents/supervisors to experience what it’s like to teach someone to drive. We aim to form a collaborative relationship between students, mentors, and parents. This course contains a theoretical and practical component that equips you for life on and off the road.

Open Road Sessions

Are you itching to hit the open road? Highway travel tips can ensure safe road trips, no matter how near or far you venture.

Aged Assessment

As we age, our reflexes and reaction times become slower. You may need to fill out assessments for insurance coverage. Our accredited assessors will come to you and evaluate your driving skills to provide the documentation you need.

Converting Your Overseas Licence

We’ve helped countless overseas licensed drivers through this complex process, from completing paperwork to test preparation. You can drive for three months before converting your license. Additional testing may not be necessary, but you must review requirements to ensure compliance with NSW laws.

Call to schedule an appointment to provide your overseas license, proof of identity, Australian permanent residency, the application form, and the relevant fee. An eyesight exam is mandatory for everyone.

Test for Success

Our handbook includes information on the driver’s exam. Here’s what we focus on:

  • Speed management
  • Traffic skills
  • Vision and decision making
  • Maneuvers
  • Mindset and stress management
  • Vehicle and logbook preparation

We partner with local schools to provide engaging, flexible, and free presentations. Lasting about 30 minutes, they supplement driver education programs.

Bottom Line

Teaching the drive to survive-mentality is our goal. Our trained teachers and comprehensive services will meet your needs in New South Wales for the best learner-driver experience available. Let us do the work to make our roads safe for everyone.

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