Home School A New Jersey teenager was arrested after he stabbed his middle faculty principal, police say

A New Jersey teenager was arrested after he stabbed his middle faculty principal, police say

by Maurice A. Miller

The main of a New Jersey middle faculty became main a commencement rehearsal Friday when student stabbed him inside the chest a couple of instances, police said.

The scholar, a 14-12 months-vintage boy who became no longer diagnosed, ran throughout the fitness center at Union School in Rutherford, New Jersey, and attacked Principal Kurt Schweitzer with a folding knife, in keeping with the town’s police department.
After the stabbing, the pupil “turned around, dropped the knife and positioned his arms up in the air,” police said.
Schweitzer and the scholar have been each dealt with for injuries that had been no longer lifestyles threatening.
“No one is in threat, no college students were harm,” the police branch wrote on their Facebook web page.
The pupil becomes taken into custody and has been charged with two counts of aggravated attack and two weapon possession charges, a police announcement said. The youngster changed into in custody Friday night.
Authorities stated law enforcement officials may be attending the school’s commencement on Wednesday as a precaution.

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