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Chennai Metro authority denies process to ‘overqualified’ female: HC upholds decision

by Maurice A. Miller

The Madras High Court on Thursday upheld the rejection of candidature of a lady, who had carried out for the task, via Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. At the ground that she was overqualified.
Chennai Metro authority rejects the application
Justice S Vaidyanathan dismissed the petition by R Lakshmi Prabha hard the CMRL order rejecting her application for the posts of Train Operator, Station Controller, Junior Engineer (Station).
While the instructional qualification prescribed for the posts was Diploma in Engineering, the female changed into a BE graduate.
Referring to the CMRL advertisement, the choose determined that applicants whose qualification is extra than the requirement for a submit aren’t entitled to say employment.
In his order, the decide said, “In this case, the minimum required qualification has been surely described with a further indication that overqualified candidates need not follow.”
Writ Petition dismissed
“In view of what is said herein-above, this court docket has a no different option, however, to preserve that the petitioner is not entitled to the relaxation resulting from over qualification and the existing Writ Petition is prone to be disregarded. Accordingly, the Writ Petition is dismissed,” it said.
The petitioner, pursuant to the Employment Notice of Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) issued on February 1, 2013, had implemented for the submit of Train Operation, Station Controller, Junior Engineer (Station) and effectively cleared the online take a look at conducted on March 31 that 12 months.
Thereafter, the petitioner becomes requested to supply evidence regarding non-obtaining of Engineering diploma as on July 23.
The petitioner contended that though she had completed the BE direction on June 21, 2013, the certificate to that effect became issued only a month later and at the time of utility, she turned into now, not in possession of the diploma and only held a Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering.
The petitioner further argued that she had not suppressed any facts in regards to acquiring her engineering diploma and consequently, her candidature needs to be taken into consideration for appointment.
In its counter affidavit, CMRL stated that there has been standard coaching given to candidates making use of for the publish of Station Controller, Train Operator, Junior Engineer (Stations) that people with BE, BTech or another better qualification are not eligible.
Candidates with such better qualification should maintain in their mind that their candidature might be canceled at any time of recruitment or even after appointment in CMRL if they’re located to have suppressed the records of having possessed BE/BTech on the time of filling up the vacancy.
It turned into similarly referred to that the candidature of the petitioner changed into rejected on the floor of over-qualification and consequently, she became not entitled to any alleviation searched for. Is getting a good education the key to a successful career? Your grandparents taught your parents that this was the way to go, and in turn, your parents instilled these same values in you. But a year before graduating from University the thought of looking for a job to jump-start your career is scaring the hell out of you. You feel knots in your stomach with the realization that there has not been a single course teaching and showing university students like you how to get a job fast.
This leads to more compelling questions surrounding the present educational system. Has it been remiss in preparing students for the workforce? Are the programs offered by university career centers sufficient to help graduating students find jobs?

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