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How Effective is Online Learning for Your Child?

by Maurice A. Miller

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-writing-on-notebook-4144923/

You’ve definitely heard of online schooling/home school/distance education in the past years. Many popular opinions might say that online and traditional schools are the same, but it is quite the opposite. Online education is clearly different from in-school time, but it doesn’t mean that it is not beneficial in helping students learn. Research gives us some information on what online school is and how it supports students struggling in online learning.

What is online learning?

Online Learning

The thing is that an online school does provide much information to students who are interested in learning. A student who struggles at school will likely struggle as well online. With online school, children are enrolled as much as they are at a traditional school, except they do everything at home. Any school will provide online learning and capable teachers, while parents or other responsible adults supervise the students at their homes. It is basically the same as going to school; the teacher is responsible for students’ learning, even though they’re at home.

The online school appeared since students started distance education. But online students aren’t necessarily learning from another city or state. Also, the online school doesn’t require physical materials – the work is completely done using the latest tech gadgets.

Is online school the same as traditional school?

The simple answer is no. Although online schools provide the same education for students, the parents are in charge of their kid’s involvement in learning in homeschooling. Parents must plan, implement devices, and monitor their kid’s learning program, which will align with the national courses. They might have the possibility of purchasing an already set up program, but they can also create their own course to match students’ educational thinking. Besides, students learning from home will definitely have the teacher’s support and other educational resources associated with that school. Aside from the parent’s responsibility for setting their child’s schooling program, teachers will also be responsible for planning, implementing, and supporting the student’s learning. Online learning means that parents won’t be visited by the government’s inspectors, as the school will hold all the necessary registration documents.

Online learning uses digital technology.

Online learning provides students a great alternative to attending a regular school. They can still work and learn as if they were in classes, only log in from a device. Educational technology is used for an online school. It includes a device to connect to the internet (tablet, laptop, computer), internet connection, obviously, educational platforms (YouTube, Google), and an email address. There’s no need to worry about using technology devices to manage the school. A piece of basic knowledge in office software and email is enough to handle the schooling program. Your role as a parent is that of a supervisor. You don’t have to be a teacher to help your child succeed in online learning. Just make sure that you are available to monitor your child’s involvement in the school-based learning activity.

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