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Education and Program Manager

by Maurice A. Miller

The Education & Program Manager is chargeable for developing and handling an annual software of tutorial and public packages related to McClelland’s exhibitions, collections, and strategic targets. The function has a duty for supporting to achieve McClelland’s annual visitation targets by using strategically focused on audiences with unique desires and pastimes which may not in any other case attend McClelland.

Program Manager

McClelland’s instructional and public program services encompass school training programs, short courses, open days, exhibition openings, and unique occasions. The Education & Program Manager is answerable for making sure that all applications are excessively trendy, strategically focussed, and designed with audiences’ needs in mind. The Manager will, on occasion, be required to take direct responsibility for the implementation and transport of programs. The Education & Program Manager is answerable for the administration of the Education & Program workforce, training of budgets, economic control, strategic making plans, coverage improvement, and supervision of a group of workers. As a member of the Leadership Team, the Education & Program Manager takes a lead position in assisting McClelland’s strategic targets and selling McClelland’s values internally and externally. The position is based totally in Langwarrin, and programming takes location in the Sarah & Baillieu Myer Education Pavilion and the outside sculpture park.

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