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Grammar Moses: Writing this column thru a veil of tears

by Maurice A. Miller

I wrote a few years ago approximately how, as a toddler, I misinterpreted tune lyrics in a laugh approach. I’d sing “Canada Dry” to the Buckinghams’ “Kind of a Drag,” because that is what it sounded want to my 5-yr-old ears, and Canada Dry ginger ale turned into the nearest my mom turned into inclined to come to real pop (diluted with grape juice, of the path.) It could be that I misheard the phrases. After all, my two sources of the song had been a self-contained mono file player with the speaker that I trust became a hand-me-down from my uncle and a touch red transistor radio (damaged) that I received in a competition in 2nd or third grade. Both had a complete harmonic distortion score of approximately 70 percent.


Or I actually ought to have misunderstood the lyrics due to the fact I’d by no means read them. I’ve done sizeable reading inside the intervening 1/2 century. However, I still now and again run into something in an ebook that looks special from what I imagined it to appear like. To wit: “vale of tears.” Sure, I’d heard the word before, and I’m certain I’ve studied it before, but probably now not within the right context. A “vale of tears” refers to the tribulations of lifestyles that Christian doctrine says are left at the back of handiest whilst one leaves the sector and enters heaven. The term “valley of tears” now and then is used.

When hearing the word, I photo Tammy Faye Bakker with mascara-infused tears streaming down her face in a “veil of  Had I been introduced up analyzing Christian literature, I would have known better. Curiosity was given the nice of me. I in comparison “veil of tears” with “vale of tears” in Google’s Ngram viewer. The “vale” model was continually used much greater in books posted between 1800 and 2000. But after I in comparison “thru a veil of tears” with “through a vale of tears,” I got a far specific result. As you may see from the connected graphic, the 2 phrases traded dominance through the years, with the “veil” model coming out on top in 2000. Linguist Bryan Garner notes that “veil” is well on its way to replacing “vale” in this context.

Gelato redux!

Sometimes I feel something is, so it seems incorrect that I just placed it accessible if you want to see it. Such became the case final weekend when I published a photo of a grocery shop gelato advertisement despatched to me via Kevin Killion. I referred to that Kevin said there had been an extra apostrophe in it. Unfortunately, the rules do not always work. The reason is that they are typically established to fit ideal conditions, and, unfortunately, communication situations are not always ideal. For example, if an employee is answering a question from a potential customer who is genuinely interested in the company’s products, employees can grab the list of rules and start writing to the customer. This letter is friendly, personal and sales structured. However, what if you are a credit manager and have to write a fourth letter to a dealer who appears to have no intentions of paying an account month past due. In this situation business, employees can not be friendly, personal and sales structured. Employees can not use a rulebook in this situation. All the good, friendly rules were used in the first few letters. In this situation, the employee will probably have to write an unfriendly letter yet maintain a good image of the company and themselves. Business writing will largely depend on who the writer is, who the reader is, what the problem is, and what the writer expects to accomplish. There are many different ways of writing a good piece of business writing.

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