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Strategies for finding nursing jobs for new graduates

by Maurice A. Miller

Strategies for finding nursing jobs for new graduates 2

After graduating from nursing school, it is time to fill out job applications and find an ideal placement that suits your degree. The period between graduation and landing your first job can be laden with disappointment and frustration if you don’t have a good strategy. Although you may be invited for an interview in some places, other prospective employers may not get back to you at all. Failing to sell your skills intelligently or feeling too relaxed in your application can backfire.

Are you a new grad still struggling to find your feet in the job market? Have you searched for nursing jobs for months to no avail? If so, we have advice on applying for employment in today’s market and standing out from the crowd of hopefuls.

Join healthcare organizations

Some organizations look out for workers in every profession, ensuring their members are not underpaid or mistreated in the workplace and helping to promote their interests. As a job seeker, joining this type of organization can be incredibly helpful for making connections and accessing mentorship programs that could help you grow.


Joining health organizations is not a straight ticket to getting a job. Sometimes, you need to do much more, and networking among health professionals is a good tactic because they might have opportunities in their sector that suit you. Connecting with classmates, former students, and professors is one of the quickest ways to sell yourself to the job market. Networking also means you can attend workshops, conventions, and social gatherings with people who can help you.

Market yourself and create a professional social media profile

If you do not market yourself, no one else will. Some recent graduates might possess the right education and skills but lack the confidence to convince prospective hirers to offer them a job. The internet can be very helpful to job seekers in this position.

These days, employers are using social media to make hiring decisions. On LinkedIn, you can publish your profile online and upgrade your certifications as they come. Publishing these details online shows hiring managers that you are open to opportunities in the nursing field. In some cases, jobseekers who use platforms such as LinkedIn may even be invited to interview for un advertised openings.

A social media profile also helps you connect with other key players in the health industry. For example, your profile may allow you to collaborate with industry experts for upcoming projects; you can use the internet to promote yourself by sharing your knowledge with the world. Creating content related to your niche and publishing it online can increase your chances of landing a job, as hiring managers who link to your content may want you to work in their facility. It never hurts to put yourself out there.

Create a winning resume

As a new graduate, you are not expected to know it all. Sometimes, outsourcing your resume writing is the best option for you so that you can concentrate on other important tasks, such as finding the right openings.

Before a prospective employer calls you for a physical or online interview to test your competency, they will scan your resume to see if they think you may be a good fit. Hiring managers want to see you market your soft and hard skills, experiences, and accomplishments in your resume. If these details are not attractive, they’ll skip your application and move to a better candidate. When writing your resume, do not skip your certification, nursing license credentials, honors, awards, and professional affiliations.

Upgrade your skills

As a new graduate still searching for a job, there is a good chance that many prospective employers will be looking for someone more experienced than you. Don’t feel bad if you are disqualified for a role because your level of expertise didn’t meet their requirements. You can always enroll for further studies online if your credentials constantly fall short.

Increasing your certification is one of the fastest ways to convince prospective employers to hire you. For example, you might consider one of the many neonatal nurse practitioner programs Texas offers if you are interested in furthering your career in child nursing. These online programs cover diagnostic reasoning, patient management, program planning, and systems management.

Prepare for an interview.

As a new graduate, feeling nervous about job interviews is normal. However, you can build confidence by researching the types of questions you may be asked and practicing how you will answer them. With the right strategy, you should eventually receive invitations for physical or online interviews.

It would be best if you dressed appropriately for the interview and worked on your posture. Ou also worked on your presentation skills to ensure you are convincing enough to be hired. If you are scheduled for an offline interview, plan to arrive well ahead of schedule, so you have some time to compose your thoughts and approach the interview confidently.


New graduates must understand that the job market is competitive, and it may take time to find the ideal role. Thankfully, the internet has made it much easier for candidates to find openings and promote themselves in their quest to land the job of their dreams. The right certifications signal to prospective employers that you have the knowledge and professionalism needed for a particular job, so you may need to be open to upgrading your skills and qualifications if you’re having trouble standing out from the competition.

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