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How to Get Your Real Estate Broker License Online

by Maurice A. Miller

As the old norms of businesses and careers implode under lockdown orders and remote work pressures, many people want an option that offers a bit more stability with decent money potential. With a median wage of around $60,000, a real estate broker fits the bill quite nicely to many eyes.

Of course, those restrictions that make other businesses tricky can make transitioning into real estate feel tricky. If you’re ready to make the switch, keep reading for how to get your real estate broker license online.

License Online

Prelicensing Course

Your first step on the road to a broker’s license is a prelicensing course for your salesperson license. That course typically includes four sub-classes on real estate topics, such as:

Different states impose different rules about how many hours you must spend on these courses. However, you can take the courses online in most states. For example, you can take Florida online by way of the Florida Real Estate License School.

Salesperson Exam

Courtesy of the Covid pandemic, some states now offer online proctored exams for your real estate license. This varies by state, so check on your state government’s site for more details.


In most states, you must accumulate a certain amount of time as a real estate salesperson before you can even take the broker’s exam. A standard period of experience is one to two years. Many states will accept it if you rack up that experience across as many as five years on the upside.

Additional Education

Real estate brokers must typically complete additional formal coursework while a real estate agent can get by with some continuing education credits. This coursework usually focuses on more managerial level skills, such as:

Some states may also require a college degree of one type or another, such as an Associate Degree. You can typically complete all of these online as well.

Real Estate Broker License Exam

The final step on your way to a real estate broker license is the broker exam. The broker exam will test your knowledge of state-level information and national information of relevance. Topics might include the transfer of property, agency laws, and property valuation.

If you pass the exam, you get your license. Again, some states offer online versions of the exam, but you must check your state’s requirements.

Becoming a Broker

Picking up a real estate broker license and becoming a broker can take a few years, even if you do most of the education and testing online. You will still need some on-the-job practice as an agent/salesperson.

Even with advances in 3D virtual house tours and drone photography, expect that you’ll still clock a lot of face time with buyers and sellers. Almost every buyer will expect a physical tour of a property before they buy. Looking for more possible career options and avenues? Check out the articles in our Career Tips section.

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