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India’s golden lady Dutee Chand finishes fifth in 200m very last in World University Games

by Maurice A. Miller

Competing in her fifth race in three days, Dutee Chand finished fifth in the women’s 200m very last at the World University Games right here.


Dutee clocked 23.30 seconds in the race, a tad slower than her bronze-winning time of 23.24 on the Asian Championships in April. She has a personal nice of 23.00 seconds in 200m. The 23-yr-antique later competed in the women’s 4x100m relays, her sixth race in 3 days, but the Indian quartet should simplest end sixth in warmth 1 and ordinary thirteenth with a time of forty six.23 seconds. The Indian men’s 4x100m relay group clocked forty—73 seconds to complete fourth in heat number three and eleventh normal. Dutee had come to be the first Indian lady music and area athlete to clinch a gold medal at the World Universiade after winning the 100m sprint event on Tuesday.

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