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Internships 2019: How to use for an internship with the Ministry of External Affairs

by Maurice A. Miller

The Ministry of External Affairs offers internships in the course of the year. The internship program provides a remarkable possibility for students to recognize the system of formulation of foreign coverage and its implementation by using the Government of India.
Interns will get to work underneath the supervision of the concerned Head of Division (HOD) or Head of Mission (HOM)/Head of Post (HOP). They may be required to behavior studies, write reviews, analyze evolving trends, or perform every other undertaking entrusted to them by way of the HOD/HOM/HOP. Interns might be required to work from inside the Ministry’s premises. Necessary logistical support could be provided to interns taking into consideration the purposeful requirements. No economic remuneration will be paid to the interns. Internship program shall neither be an employment nor the warranty of any employment with the Ministry.
1. Candidate needs to be inside the final yr of an undergraduate direction or possess a graduate degree before the commencement of the internship. Preference may be given to applicants with superb educational music document from establishments of fame and credible hints from school who’ve taught/guided them within the beyond, and additionally to research pupils.
2. An intern ought to no longer have attained the age of 30 years at the date of utility.
Three. Internship program for MEA Headquarters is open to Indian residents most effective. Interested Indian citizens, OCI card holders and foreign nationals can also practice for internship in Indian Missions and Posts overseas.
4. An intern may be required to work most effective on-site (i.E. Inside premises of Ministry/ Missions/Posts). The off-website internship isn’t to be had at Headquarters/Missions/Posts.
About the Internship program:
The internship program at headquarters includes an attachment with one of the Divisions within the Ministry. In addition, the program shall encompass a briefing consultation with the Administration Division at the shape and functioning of the Ministry. A certificate might be issued with the aid of Administration Division based totally on the recommendation of the Head of Division.
The interns may additionally post a report on finishing touch of their internship to the Head of Division/Mission/Post. The intern may additionally post his/her views and feedback at the internship program to the concerned Head of Division/Mission/Post.
The applicant can be knowledgeable about the start of their internship upon selection. Once decided on, the internship will be for a period of 1 to 6 months. Extension, in remarkable instances, can be granted on a case-to-case foundation for an intern at MEA Headquarters best. An internship is a pre-professional work experience for the students and recent graduates by which they gain experience in a particular career field. The internship program provides practical experience to the intern through direct exposure to the company environment. During the internship, the assignments are tailored according to the interns so as to expose the student to the areas in which they are specializing in their academic studies. The summer internship program provides an excellent opportunity to the young aspirants to gain work as well as internship experience.
Internship blogs
The students and graduates write internship blog to tell their internship experience and also help the other aspirants as guides them and provide internship advice to them about the internship. The internship blogs really help in conveying the information about the experience with the company and other internship experiences also. Majority of the internship blogs written are just personal experiences of the interns but they really give good internship advice related to different career fields to the young aspirants.

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