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Microsoft launches AI Digital Labs with 10 educational institutes in India

by Maurice A. Miller

Technology corporation Microsoft on Thursday announced the launch of AI Digital Labs in collaboration with 10 better educational establishments inside the USA.
The institutes included underneath this program include BITS Pilani, BML Munjal University, ISB, Kalpataru Institute of Technology, KL University, Periyar University, Karunya University, SRM University, SVKM (NMIMS), and Trident Academy of Technology.
This collaboration will ramp up institutional setup alongside educator capability, and provide applicable academic selections for students. This will assist the students to accumulate talents needed to fill the distance rising throughout India and the worldwide economic system, the organization stated in an announcement.

With this program, Microsoft envisioned to effect 1.Five lakh students, letting them be professional for a future-equipped group of workers.
Speaking on the launch, Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India, stated,
“As AI (artificial intelligence) will become mainstream, enterprises will require skills with ability sets which might be very unique from what exists now. Educators and establishments are indispensable to the skilling revolution taking root within the united states of America. With the right technology infrastructure, curriculum and schooling, we are able to empower today’s college students to build the India of tomorrow.”
As part of the three-year program, Microsoft will guide the selected establishments with best-in-class infrastructure, curriculum and content material, get right of entry to the cloud and AI offerings, in addition to developer help.
The organization will also facilitate putting in of core AI infrastructure and IoT Hub and offer to get right of entry to to a huge range of AI developmental gear and Azure AI offerings inclusive of Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning, and bot services.
Training programs for the faculty will consist of workshops on cloud computing, information sciences, AI and net of things (IoT). Additionally, faculty contributors will receive assistance in strategizing content and curriculum for undertaking-based and experiential studying.
A recent Microsoft-IDC survey ‘Future Ready Business: Assessing Asia Pacific’s Growth Potential Through AI’, said that only one-0.33 of firms in India have launched into their AI trips.
It delivered that seventy-seven percentage of enterprise leaders agree that AI is instrumental for the organization’s competitiveness. As with all the cards from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, this card is rich in symbolism. Some of it can be directly related to conventional religions- in particular, Christianity- and some of the symbols pre-date modern religions.
This is a card which talks to us about traditions, conventions, and beliefs, especially around the areas of structured education, organized religion and Spirituality.
It may be that someone is considering taking a course in structured education. The Hierophant can come up as a teacher, guide or mentor in some way. Maybe you are seeking guidance from someone else or perhaps you are the guide for another person.
In the highest sense, this is someone who guides us to find our own answers and to come to our own solutions, although in practice, it will often be someone who is telling us what we should think and how we should act and live our lives.
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