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Delhi University’s VC on action against Satyawati College: Here’s the cause

by Maurice A. Miller

The Vice-President’s Secretariat has sought facts from Delhi University’s vice-chancellor Yogesh Tyagi approximately the action taken in a remember bearing on “administrative and financial malfunctioning” at the varsity’s Satyawati College.
Action towards irregularities at Satyawati College


An e-mail becomes despatched by way of a Delhi High Court legal professional Ankit Kakkar to the Vice-President’s Secretariat concerning the problem. The e-mail turned forwarded to the varsity by way of the Vice-President’s Secretariat on July 5. Satyawati College essentially termed allegations as baseless “Action taken may kindly be communicated to the petitioner beneath intimation to this Secretariat,” the letter stated. However, Satyawati College Principal Manjula Das said the problem was raised with “vested pursuits” and termed the allegations as baseless.

According to Kakkar’s email, several high-powered committees were fashioned to probe “administrative and financial malfunctioning” in the university. At the same time, no appropriate action was taken at the reviews submitted by using them. Kakkar started the school’s vice-chancellor had appointed a high-powered committee to check out the “monetary violations” on the college as located in the CAG record. Defense using the Principal He stated the college’s Governing Body had additionally appointed a committee to investigate the appointments of 20 individuals of the non-teaching body of workers, which had been carried out without following the due technique. The e-mail additionally alleged that the appointment of a scholar as a full-time worker turned into accomplished with the aid of the prevailing most important. When the chairman of the Governing Body pointed it out to the predominant, she made the employee resign after he had drawn profits for two years, the e-mail claimed. In his email, Kakkar advised the Vice President’s Secretariat to direct the school’s vice-chancellor to behave on the document of the excessive-powered committee appointed through the V.C.

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