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Our View: Pointless debate over exams have to forestall

by Maurice A. Miller

The advent of 4-monthly exams at kingdom secondary faculties, like most things to do with a public training system run utilizing unions and institutions, has degenerated into farce. This changed into the glaring, once more on Wednesday, when schooling minister Costas Hambiaouris knowledgeable the House schooling committee that four-month-to-month checks would be introduced inside the new school year and there could not be some other postponement.


The gadget, wherein students could sit down tests twice a year in place of as soon as at the quiet of the yr, became to were added from final September, but changed into postponed due to pressure from political events, teaching unions, dad and mom’ associations, and the scholars’ enterprise. The government bowed to the stress in a spirit of compromise in the desire opposition might weaken a year later. However, it ought to have acknowledged higher.
All the same, objections have been voiced at Wednesday’s committee assembly, led by using the reactionary deputies of Akel, which said it would desk an invoice that might scrap the law for four-monthly exams, at the grounds, there has been a want for a comprehensive gadget for evaluating college students, even though the minister had offered one. Akel’s major argument, however, becomes that the minister ignored the perspectives of coaching unions, mother and father, and college students.

In Cyprus’ crazy world of consensus, anybody has a say in how the public schooling device should function, no matter how clueless they are probably. Are mother and father certified to determine how generally a yr there will be exams? On what academic reasoning do they base their competition to twice-yearly assessments that the ministry believes might encourage college students to observe greater methodically instead of doing very little till the big, very last yr checks? The lunacy reaches its climax using concerning the teenage kids within the choice-making; the representatives in their organization had been invited to the House and to meetings with the education minister to give their views as if they have got valid perspectives. Predictably, they’re against twice-yearly assessments and announced they might “resist until the law is amended and those are scrapped.” Akel colleges the children in unionized behavior.

The only perspectives that could be taken under consideration are the ones of the teachers; however, could they be taken critically? Both thinkings about their number one priority are to do as little work as feasible? The competition should nicely be stimulated through the interest of their personal well-being rather than instructional concepts, which their unions do now not price enormously. The ministry of schooling has determined that 4-monthly exams will raise training requirements, the law for this change has been authorized, and the new machine must be delivered from the new school yr. The change may not have the desired outcomes; however, we will not realize this until it is attempted for a few years. We realize that one of the main reasons for public schooling failing is the fact that coaching unions and parents’ associations have a huge say in the way it works. This is why all this sterile debate needs to prevent.

As with all the cards from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, this card is wealthy in symbolism. Some of it can be immediately associated with traditional religions- especially Christianity- and a number of the symbols pre-date contemporary religions. This card talks to us about traditions, conventions, and ideas, particularly structured training, organized religion, and Spirituality. It may be that someone is considering taking a path of established education. The Hierophant can come up as a trainer, guide, or mentor in some way. Maybe you are seeking steerage from someone else, or possibly you’re the manual for any other man or woman. In the very best feel, that is someone who guides us to find our very own answers and to come to our personal answers, although in practice, it’s going to regularly be someone who is telling us what we ought to suppose and how we need to act and live our lives.

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